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  • Champ Trix Mix 10kg


    Dry Cat Food

    ·       Premium Cat food with high fresh meat content

    ·      Champ Cat food contains a special formula of easily digestible, extruded crisp cat food biscuits in fish, heart and beef flavors

    ·      Due to the balanced combination of nutrients, Champ Cat Trix Mix has all the necessary ingredients for a high-quality, full-day cat food

    ·      Champ Cat Trix Mix is made of meat and animal by-products, fish and fish by-products, vegetable by-products, cereals, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, oils/fats and yeast

    ·      Champ Cat Trix Mix contains a lecithin additive. The lecithin helps your cat digest food easier and faster. This releases a high concentration of energy and makes your cat's coat shiny and beautiful

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  • Champ Small Breed 7.5kg


    Dry Dog Food

    Champ Small Breed is a super premium complete, balanced and easily digestible food for small breed dogs with normal activity.

    Small dog breeds require more energy than large breeds. This tasty food has been specially developed to provide your dog with all of the nutrients necessary for healthy and proper growth. Especially developed kibble shape helps prevent plaque.

    The addition of fish oil ensures an ideal balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids for a healthy and shiny coat.

       ·       Features 28% Protein

       ·       Features added Vitamin A, D & E

       ·       No supplementary food is required

       ·       Adapted kibbles for smaller teeth

       ·       Anti-plaque, promotes dental hygiene

       ·       Easily digestible & tasty

    Made In Holland

  • Champ Performance 20kg


    Dry Dog Food

    Poultry and rice are the main ingredients of Performance HE. It has been developed especially for fully grown sport and working dogs of all breeds. They have to work, train and win competitions. If high concentration and energy levels are required, then Performance HE with lecithin is the perfect fuel for your dog. Noticeably results in a quicker recovery after long periods of exercise. With its highly sophisticated composition and selection of the right vitamins, Performance HE can have a positive effect on dogs that are sensitive to stress.

          ·   Improves Stamina & Performance

          ·   High-Quality ingredients Poultry and rice are highly digestible

          ·   Contains Lecithin which lowers cholesterol

    Made In The Netherlands

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  • Champ Lamb & Rice 20kg


    Dry Dog Food

    A special recipe from Champ Dogfood. The main ingredients are lamb and rice, so this food is especially easy to digest and is ideal for dogs with certain allergies and/or digestive problems. The biscuits are extruded and do not contain any ingredients that are difficult to digest. Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids are present in the optimal ratio, 5:1. Vets often recommend Champ Lamb & Rice for intestinal and allergy problems.

           ·   Helps keep your dogs coat glossy & healthy 

           ·   Great for dogs with intestinal & allergy problems

           ·   High-Quality ingredients lamb and rice are highly digestible

           ·   Contains Lecithin which lowers cholesterol

      ·   Rich in high quality Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids 

    Made In The Netherlands

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  • Champ Salmon & Rice 20kg


    Dry Dog Food

    Complete, balanced premium food specially developed for adult dogs prone to digestive problems. Uniquely formulated with top-quality ingredients: salmon as a source of protein, along with rice and corn, thus guaranteeing an optimal condition for adult dogs. The presence of Fructooligosaccharides in the feed ensures a well-balanced intestinal flora and optimal bowel function. This is a tasty treat which wins even the pickiest dogs.

           ·   Helps keep your dogs coat healthy 

           ·   Great for dogs with intestinal problems

           ·   High-Quality ingredients salmon and rice are highly digestible

           ·   Great for dogs prone to nutrition-related allergic reactions

      ·   Rich in Salmon oil, Omega-3, Omega-6, & Omega-9 fatty acids 

    Made In The Netherlands

  • Champ Premium Breed Puppy 20kg


    Dry Dog Food

    In the first phase of your dog's life, everything revolves around a good, energy-rich diet. Thorough research ensures that Premium Breed Pup meets the specific nutritional requirements of your puppy and helps it to grow in a balanced and responsible way. It contains everything to raise a healthy pup with strong bones. Scientific research has shown that reduced calcium and phosphorus content can help to reduce the occurrence of growing pains. The energy enriched composition and the size of the biscuits also make it ideal for smaller breeds of active dogs.

          ·       Perfect for pregnant dogs, and dogs recovering from illness

          ·       No need to add supplements

    Made In The Netherlands

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  • Champ Regular 20kg


    Dry Dog Food

    This is a rich, well balanced, super premium product with lecithin. It is especially suitable for more active dogs. The increased protein content makes it exceptionally suited for both growing dogs and pregnant dogs. Thanks to its sophisticated composition and selection of the right vitamins, Champ regular positively influences the concentration and condition of the dog. The biscuit has poultry as a basic ingredient and gives your dog exactly what it needs on a daily basis.

          ·       High in Protein, Minerals & essential oils

          ·       Suitable for growing dogs & pregnant dogs

          ·       No need to add supplements

          ·       Includes Lecithin which helps keep cholesterol levels down

    Made In The Netherlands

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