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  • Mamynat Puppy Special...


    Dry Puppy Food

    Complete and balanced diet specially formulated for puppies of all breeds. MamyNat product line is the result of veterinarian and nutritionist studies whose main objective is a healthy and balanced diet for dogs.

    Products made only with natural ingredients of the highest quality for all sizes, selected and enriched only with the contribution of vitamins and minerals essential for the proper development and growth of your pet. Each recipe is formulated in a balanced specific way for every stage of development and type of activity.

    Made In Italy

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  • Champ Premium Breed Puppy 20kg


    Dry Dog Food

    In the first phase of your dog's life, everything revolves around a good, energy-rich diet. Thorough research ensures that Premium Breed Pup meets the specific nutritional requirements of your puppy and helps it to grow in a balanced and responsible way. It contains everything to raise a healthy pup with strong bones. Scientific research has shown that reduced calcium and phosphorus content can help to reduce the occurrence of growing pains. The energy enriched composition and the size of the biscuits also make it ideal for smaller breeds of active dogs.

          ·       Perfect for pregnant dogs, and dogs recovering from illness

          ·       No need to add supplements

    Made In The Netherlands

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