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Kitten Food & Milk

  • Reflex Plus Chicken For...


    Dry Kitten Food

    Meets nutritional needs of kittens with its balanced formula and high quality ingredients. Small and tasty kibbles are specially designed for kittens. Omega 3&6 support immune system, skin and coat health.

    Complete and balanced formulated super premium dry kitten food with chicken for all cat breeds aged 2 months to 12 months.

       ·      90% of total protein content is obtained from premium animal

       ·      Linen Seed Sourced Omega 3 & 6 

       ·      Enriched With  L-Carnitine

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  • Reflex Chicken For Kitten...


    Dry Kitten Food

    Reflex Kitten dry food Chicken, an especially formulated complete and balanced premium food including chicken protein to meet the nutritional requirements of kittens for optimum growth.

        ·        Protein 37% Fat content 20% Crude Fiber 3%

        ·       Omega 3 & 6 support immune system, skin & coat health 

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  • Me-O Ocean Fish 1.1 kg


    Dry Kitten Food

    Me-O Kitten Food Ocean Fish is a nutritionally complete and balanced dietary formulation for optimum health and growth of a kitten.

    ·         The balanced meal includes a high amount of growth inducing protein, sourced from milk and ocean fish

    ·         Bones & teeth of the young feline are strengthened with balanced amounts of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D 

    ·         Me-O Kitten Food Ocean Fish provides vitamin C which improves the health of the immune system & reduces environmental stress

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  • Canifors Chicken Meat...


    Wet Kitten & Cat Food

    Suitable For Kittens & Cats.  A well-balanced and complete feed for all breeds, young and old. Two feeds of canned food per day, dry food and fresh water should be available all day.

    Canifors provides:

    ·      Vitality

    ·      Power to perform 

    ·      Good metabolism 

    ·      Good digestion 

    Made In Holland

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