Mamynat Puppy Special Formula 20kg


Dry Puppy Food

Complete and balanced diet specially formulated for puppies of all breeds. MamyNat product line is the result of veterinarian and nutritionist studies whose main objective is a healthy and balanced diet for dogs.

Products made only with natural ingredients of the highest quality for all sizes, selected and enriched only with the contribution of vitamins and minerals essential for the proper development and growth of your pet. Each recipe is formulated in a balanced specific way for every stage of development and type of activity.

Made In Italy


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The meat of chicken, beef and fish are all strictly controlled and of the highest quality. All main sources of protein have been selected based on their biological value, which are rich in essential amino acids and highly digestible. To ensure the product line of the highest quality MamyNat is produced using only finely ground cereal and mixed with meat and vegetables, cooked in a unique steam system, which allows to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the ingredients, improving digestibility and assimilation of themselves.


Maize, dehydrated meat (25%), wheat, chicken fat, dried beetroot pulp (2%), minerals

Nutritional additives: 

Vitamin A 9000 IU, 600 IU Vitamin D3, Vitamin E ( 75 mg. E4 Copper sulphate pentahydrate 31.6 mg. E1 Ferrous carbonate 33.2 mg. E5 manganous oxide 41.6 mg. E6 sulfate monohydrate 98.8 mg zinc. Potassium iodide 0.8 mg E2.  E8 Sodium selenite 0.18mg

Analytical Constituents: 

Crude protein 23%, Crude oils and fats 9%, Crude ash 9.3%, Crude fiber 3.2%, 8% humidity


Data sheet

20 kg

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