• Armitage


    UK Pet Care Company

  • Best Clean

    Best Clean

    Best clean brand cat litter is developed by Hong Kong PEERLESS  CORPORATION. LTD, aim to solve the cat litter with no dustز

  • Canifors


    Canifors Dog and cat food comes in all shapes and sizes, and fulfills 
    the various needs of all kinds of breeds, young and old. Canifors 
    has developed healthy and fully nutritious food for cats and dogs

  • Dinos


    One of the best things in life is being a parent to your pets. We understand it too because we’re pet parents ourselves. Premier pet food and supplies.

  • Georplast


    Manufacturer of PET & Household items in plastic (100% MADE IN ITALY)

  • MamyNat


    Products made only with natural ingredients of the highest quality for all sizes, selected and enriched only with the contribution of vitamins and minerals essential for the proper development and growth of your small or big pets. The recipes of each product are formulated in a balanced and specific way for each size of the animal, in stage of development, the type of activity and the palatability of the food, in order to guarantee an adequate contribution to the body and a complete satisfaction.

  • Me-O


    Promotes good digestive health and normal stool consistency by adding prebiotics (FOS : Fructo-oligosaccharide) and beet pulp

  • Percell


    Percell Pet System Co., Ltd. is a company who has been in the pet supply industry for more than 30 years. Manufacturing a variety of products, including aquarium, bird, dog, and other animal accessories.

  • Primordial


    Primordial is a line of food that rediscovers and respects the oldest and natural instinct of food for dogs and cats. Anatomically carnivorous, as shown by chewing (teeth and jaw) and reduced intestinal tract, dogs prefer a diet rich in meat (protein) and low in cereals (carbohydrates)

  • Prince


    Founded in 1997, our philosophy has been to provide nothing but the best products for your pets. Growing steadily, our main objective has been to develop a unique range of healthy foods for cats and dogs to provide nutrition that takes them back to their natural way of feeding with a complete food that is true and honest.

    Our products are tried and tested and to contribute to all-round health PRINCE & PRINCESS PREMIUM sources only the finest ingredients, which pass through a series of tests to ensure they are devoid of artificial flavours, colourants or preservatives.

    PRINCE & PRINCESS PREMIUM wet and dry foods have the most densely packed ingredients and, with a vast integration of high protein and healthy nutrients, we are proud to declare full details of our ingredients.

  • Reflex


    Reflex Cat & Dog Food are especially formulated complete and balanced premium food including chicken protein to meet the nutritional requirements of Cat & Dog breeds

  • VcarePet


    Vdocare Hong Kong Pet Products Company offers high quality pet products to pet lovers around the world

  • Versele-Laga


    Versele-Laga is an international manufacturer of quality food and care brand products for performance animals and pets

  • Vitto


    Vitto is an Italian Pet Food Brand that produces Premium product that combines a nutritional balanced meal with the taste of an high quality product.

    Born in 2009 with the acquisition of the historical plant site of canned pet food, located in Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN), New Pet Food Italia in few years has won through in the national market as quality petfood producer for the most important private labels of large – scale retail trade and specialized channel. At the meantime the company has expanded on the foreign markets, including the most demanding ones, as Japan.

    In 2011 the company started up the single serve line for the 85g and 70g can sizes, launching for the first time on the Italian market a complete line made of mousse, mini chunks in gravy and patè, looking at marketing leader as benchmark. From 2013 New Pet food Italia is the first European firm producing the “Naturali”, pure meat products available in chicken, turkey and tuna.